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I'm going to start this thread for my Custom Content, so I can pin it. And you can check the replies, to see all my CC. And it'll all be in one place, very conveniently.

Note that I do make some 18+ CC at times, but it will all be tagged appropriately.

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theres a female presenting nipple if you follow the link 

NSFW, CC Download link, no pictures on mastodon but the link has adult images πŸ”ž 

NSFW, sexual πŸ”ž 

NSFW, no pictures πŸ”ž 

fediverse remember to back up y'all's accounts periodically

in case of sleepy admin
or the server halts & catches fire
or us-east becomes us-least
or wasabi never comes back after that sextillionth outage
or space monsters take your datacenter as a souvenir

in masto you can do that in the data export section of your preferences

β€” :blobgoat:

NSFW meme prompt πŸ”ž 

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