We've gotten relay.mastodon.host working. Now you can check the federated timeline for general Mastodon content.

Other instances will also be able to find Simstodon.

Remember to CW your adult content, lest other instances may silence us, which would hinder our growth.

You can use to aid discoverability! Let's fill those tags, Simmers! If you want to.

Go forth and explore, go find some cool meme accounts or whatever else you're into!

Hope nobody minds if I plug the Patreon again:

If six people donated $2 dollars each a month, they would fully cover hosting and domain costs for a whole year.

How? Domain + Security cost around 40 USD a year, or $3.33 dollars a month. Hosting costs are 7 euros a month, roughly converted to a bit over $8 USD. So 12 dollars a month would do it!

More than 12 dollars means better hosting and moderation. Check the patreon tiers for what this means.

Thanks for helping out!

A lot of people here are new to Mastodon, and might not understand the native content warnings feature. So here is a tutorial. Using a content warning will automatically mark your media as sensitive, too. Please use these for any NSFW post, or other potentially upsetting or adult content. Thanks, and happy Simming!

Our relay to the Fediverse is still resolving! If things look a bit empty when you search for accounts in the search bar, or check the federated timeline, it is because this instance is very new and can't search in other instances until our relay is working.

Work-around methods will work, and I will let users know when it is done.

Here are some of the graphic elements we use, at high resolution. Feel free to use these images for any Sims custom content, or to promote our server in any way.

Sul-Sul! Welcome to Simstodon!

You can read our rules here:

We are running a Patreon campaign to cover server costs. More funding means better hosting. Please help out, if you can afford it.

If you want to find accounts and people to follow on our instance, browse on the "Local Timeline" button on the rightmost tab.

(Nonsims) Suggestions on who to follow. New to Mastodon and need some posts in your feed? Here's my top picks.

Creator of Mastodon


Creator of Masto.host, which is hosting us right now.

Digital art instance owner, curates and boosts cool art.

Writing prompts, which could inspire your Sims stories?

If you're interested in gaming, the official account for this indie game marketplace is worth following.

@LunaLisa I'm just mentioning you to test it out. Hope you don't mind.



Welcome to Simstodon, an instance for players and fans of the EA/Maxis Sims series of video games. We are here for every game in the Sims franchise, and are a progressive and LGBTQIA+ friendly community.

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