Hope nobody minds if I plug the Patreon again:

If six people donated $2 dollars each a month, they would fully cover hosting and domain costs for a whole year.

How? Domain + Security cost around 40 USD a year, or $3.33 dollars a month. Hosting costs are 7 euros a month, roughly converted to a bit over $8 USD. So 12 dollars a month would do it!

More than 12 dollars means better hosting and moderation. Check the patreon tiers for what this means.

Thanks for helping out!


Because it's the end of the month, I want to remind users of our Patreon again. Thank you to all supporters for this month!

In the interests of keeping things equal, we do not offer Patreon exclusive content. But running this site is not free, and I do need money to cover the costs of this site. Please help out, if you can!

Want to give Simstodon a different amount of money than in the available tiers? Click the "Make a custom pledge" button when making your pledge!

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